Holter ScottCare ABP 320

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Portable 24-hour blood pressure monitoring with integrated LCD screen, by ScottCare USA

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Top holter blood pressure by ScottCare USA, with LCD display for measurement.
A more meaningful and accurate way to measure hypertension than in the doctor's office, ScottCare's ambulatory blood pressure monitors provide up to 300 readings over a 24-hour period while the patient engages in normal daily activities.

Detailed trends and graphs in ABPCare software allow you to easily correlate and compare data, inlcuding day and evening blood pressure; periods of normal, acceptable and critical readings; and average blood pressure versus heart rate.


  • Measurement Method: Oscillometric.
  • 24h measure the pressure at set intervals.
  • Measurement protocols days - night
  • Key measurements eventgia able at will of the patient (eventpatient)
  • Supplied with carry case
  • Accompanied by two (2) cuffs
  • Small size and weight
  • ABPCARE program for analysis of measurements in H / Y environment in Windows7.
  • Display charts and trends of measurements.
  • Checkable references to file PDF and sending via email

Scale of measurement:

  • Systolic pressure: 60 - 290 mmHg
  • Diastolic pressure: 30 - 195 mmHg
  • heart rate: 20 - 240 BPM
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Additional Information
Type ABP Monitor
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Holter ScottCare ABP 320

Holter ScottCare ABP 320

Portable 24-hour blood pressure monitoring with integrated LCD screen, by ScottCare USA

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