Extreme's first aid bag EB02.008/EB02.009

Extreme's first aid bag
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Extreme's first aid bag, Elite Bags EB02.008 red - EB02.009 green, is a basic life support bag with honeycomb interior to intervent in emergency situations.

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Extreme's first aid bag is a basic life support bag, with honeycomb interior structure, which allows you to get the required material for a proper respond in case of an emergency situation in order to stabilize the patient. 

This first aid bag has 2 external pockets, both marked differently for adult and pediatric material, high visibility reflective bands night/ day and reflective paracord pullers, reinforced bottom and washer to extract the oxygen tube as there is space for a disposable oxygen bottle.

Extreme's first aid bag is equipped with 2 large external ampoule holder of 27 ampoules capacity, 2 large external pockets with elastic bands and wide pockets with transparent windows and ring for air transportation.

You can get extreme's first aid bag, Elite Bags EB02.008 in red colour or in green colour EB02.009. You can organize this emergency bag as you wish as its interior is fully adaptable thanks to the padded velcro detachable dividers. Moreover, it has 4 detachable, colour- coded compartments with transparent windows, according to normalized colour code.

Its external measures are 42 x 24 x 8 cm, 25,24 L, weights 2.74 kg and the maximum recommended contents weight is 12 kg. Extreme's first aid bag is made from 1000 x 1000D Polyamide, which is washable.

The inner materials are not included in the package.

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