List of Elite Bags products

ELITE BAGS specializes in the design and manufacture of briefcases and bags for professionals. Medical bags, emergency bags, etc.

Keen's nurse organizer
Upon order
Keen's nurse organizer, Elite Bags EB01.004, convertible, designed to be carried in the pocket of the nursing pyjama in order to carry all the needed materials.
Elite Bags Carry's EB09.023
Upon order
Elite Bags Carry's EB09.023 trolley for medical bags, folding trolley structure, strong, light and can be quickly folded thanks to the switch placed in the handle.
Kidle's first aid bag
Upon order
Kidle's first aid bag EB02.213 by Elite Bags is essential for early interventios in emergencies, thanks to its multiple carrier ways for hand, waist or leg.
Safe's first aid bag
Upon order
Safe's first aid bag EB08.001 by Elite Bags is waterproof and ideal to use in water environments, such as boats, swimming pools or beaches checkpoints.
Descen's first aid bag
Upon order
First aid bag for rescue teams and firemen, Elite Bags EB05.004 Descen's, made from fire retardant material and specially designed to make a rapid descent.
Doc's medical bag
Upon order
Elite Bags EB12.001 Doc's medical bag offers excellent internal organization and key closing, perfect for the stylish professional, made from real leather.
Multy's medical bag
Upon order
Multy's medical bag EB06.002 by Elite Bags is the multipurpose first aid bag conceived to provide the necessary support in First-Aid cures.