First aid bags

First aid bags are essential for every home, office, or vehicle. Whether it's a minor accident or an urgent, medical incident, having the right supplies and equipment can make a huge difference. First aid kits can be used for a variety of medical emergencies, from minor cuts and scrapes to serious injuries. 

They are designed with all the necessary spaces and compartments to comfortably carry first aid supplies, devices, or tools for emergency incidents. The emergency bags are equipped with internal and external pockets in such a way that they allow easy transportation of all the essentials. In addition, they are made of durable materials to withstand harsh weather conditions so that the rescuer's work is not affected. 

The type of first-aid bag depends on the use for which it is intended. In our online shop, you can find an emergency bag, trolley first aid bag, first aid backpack, or first aid bags with handles. Each first aid bag is sold without its contents. For first aid bags with contents, check the first aid kits category.

Before purchasing a first aid bag make sure it meets your needs, as some specifications are required for home use and others for hotels, workplaces, or sports facilities. 

Emergency bag 27151
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Professional emergency bag extremely capacious with internal adjustable compartments which permit personalized organization of the space.
Descen's first aid bag
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First aid bag for rescue teams and firemen, Elite Bags EB05.004 Descen's, made from fire retardant material and specially designed to make a rapid descent.
Kidle's first aid bag
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Kidle's first aid bag EB02.213 by Elite Bags is essential for early interventios in emergencies, thanks to its multiple carrier ways for hand, waist or leg.