Descen's first aid bag

Descen's first aid kit
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First aid bag for rescue teams and firemen, Elite Bags EB05.004 Descen's, made from fire retardant material and specially designed to make a rapid descent.

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Descen's first aid bag by Elite Bags has been developed in conjunction with various rescue teams, which allows putting up all the materials needed to make a rapid descent in case of danger or emergency.

Its simple positioning leg type with legstraps of first aid kit EB05.004, which can be used even with one hand, facilitates the deployment of the cord at different scenes of intervention.

Elite Bags EB05.004 Descen's first aid bag has security system, which allows the recovery of the bag on subsequent occasions. It has a main compartment with space for the rope and hook.

This first aid kit by Elite Bags has velcro closing system for the fastening rope and it is made from washable fire retardant material Aramid IIIA Rip-stop. Elite Bags EB05.004 Descen's first aid bag is blue and weights 480 gr. The external measures are 15 x 30 x 7 cm. 3.15 L. The maximum recommended contents weight is 3 kg.

The inner instruments are not included.

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