Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy unit

Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy unit
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The new system of electrotherapy Gymna Duo 400, with a color touchscreen and unlimited possibilities for the modern physiotherapist

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With the Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit, the physiotherapist can personally choose how he provides treatment. The structured navigation of Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit lets you browse effortlessly through the various menu components. T
he graphical design of the touch screen makes it easy and simple to work with all the
applications of Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit.
It creates an entirely new user experience, since it includes more than 800 pre-programmed protocols while it is providing electrode placement using 3D pictures, direct therapy keys, objectives, list of indications, selection by body area, 500 free locations in memory (own program/favourites/diagnostic results), integrated list with contra-indications and a anatomical library

Design: Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit is based on the latest trends. Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit is a unique design, which combines user-friendliness with state of the art technology. This work of art is a musthave for any modern practice, featuring a large full-colour TFT touch screen (10.4 inch, 600 x 800 pixels, SVGA) and a perfect viewing angle for you and your patient.

Functionality: ergonomic design for the best possible comfort.
The Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit has been designed with innovations that make your daily work very much easier. The device stands for quality, right down to the smallest therapeutic details. A combination of the best possible performance and ease of use, so that both the physio and the patient will notice the difference.
Guided Therapy System (GTS2), Gymna is once again demonstrating that it is at the forefront of the physiotherapy sector. The GTS2 is fully integrated in the Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit. It offers a number of new features and more treatment protocols:
1. Medical E-book 
Share your expertise with your patient in a simple, structured way! 
The medical E-book is a complete reference work, integrated in the device. There are supporting medical images and descriptive texts to explain conditions and treatments to patients. You have always access to the medical information to provide your patient with the latest information during treatment. Both you and your patients benefit significantly from this valuable resource, which can be accessed immediately at any time. 
anatomical library 
  • detailed information about muscles and ligaments 
  • origin, insertion, arterial supply and nerve innervation 
information screens 
  • medical explanation about the clinical aspects of the treatments 
  • therapy suggestions 
help screens 
  • information about electrotherapy applications 
  • all parameters are explained 
2. Guided navigation: A logical navigation with a fast touch screen means more time for your patient! 
The GTS2 lets you browse through the various menus effortlessly and quickly, from direct therapy keys to selections for each body area. Every therapist can find the ideal program for any patient in just a few seconds. A single touch is enough to start the treatment! 
3. Evidence-based therapy: All treatments are based on the latest scientific studies. Future protocols can easily be added using the USB connection! 
Gymna follows the latest international scientific developments closely. All the pre-programmed protocols were created with leading universities and experts. 
  • automatic selection of the most suitable therapy applications and best parameters 
  • always up to date, thanks to the integrated USB portal 
Standard accessories: 
  • Mains lead 
  • Quickstart manual Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit
  • CD-ROM User manuals Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit
  • Safety instructions  Gymna Duo 400 Electrotherapy Unit
  • Gymna Touch screen pen
  • Electrode cable - double core mini 2mm (2x) 
  • Elastic fixing strap 5 x 60 cm (per 4) 
  • Rubber electrodes 6 x 8 cm, 2mm (4) 
  • Sponge Pocket - 6 x 8 cm (per 4) 
  • Test plug F/F, 2 mm 
  • VAS-score
285 cm
260 cm
36 cm
5 kg

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