Electrotherapy is the use of electricity for therapeutic purposes. It is applied through electrodes that are placed on the body at the point we want to treat. It always starts at a low volume and gradually increases. Earlier and in accordance with the then-known technology – electrotherapy was divided into direct or alternating current therapy. Today, depending on the frequency of the therapeutic current, electrotherapy is divided into direct current and low (1 Hz – 1000 Hz), medium (1000 Hz -100 kHz), and high-frequency currents (above 100 kHz).

Low-frequency currents include:

  • the galvanic (direct) current
  • the stimulating (pulse) currents
  • the pulsatile stimulants of the neuromuscular system
  • Bernard's cross-potential currents
  • Traebert's pulsatile inhibitory currents
  • transcutaneous electrical stimulation currents (TENS)

Medium-frequency currents are classified as medium-frequency currents, Nemec's overlapping (crossing) currents, and Wyss' combination of medium and low-frequency currents. Also, in high-frequency therapy, we have the application of short, ultrashort, and microwaves.

Electrotherapy is used to relax muscle spasms, prevent and slow down muscle atrophy from disuse, increase blood flow, and maintain and increase the range of motion. If a person is not experiencing adequate control of pain and other symptoms, electrotherapy—a treatment that directs mild electrical pulses to the problem area—may be an option. It also helps with chronic pain management, acute post-surgical pain, muscle retraining and recovery, wound healing, and medication application.

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2-channel electrotherapy, 2-pole and 4-pole. Low and medium frequency currents. Diagnostic programmes.