Globus Soccer Pro electrostimulation device

Globus Soccer Pro electrostimulation device
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Globus Soccer Pro is a portable electrostimulation device with 258 programs created with in order to improve the physical performance of the soccer.

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Globus Soccer Pro electrostimulation device is the only electrostimulator present on the market created with specific programs in order to improve the physical performance of the soccer.

The programs are divided into four major areas corresponding to the main filds of intervention of the physical training in soccer.


18 programs aimed to improve the muscular structure of the soccer player and make it functional to the type of physical effort required in different game situations.
The main objectives are:

  • increase of the muscular force;
  • increase of the explosive force to improve the sprint, the speed in changing directions and the height of the jump;
  • improvement of the endurance and ability to maintain great levels of performance during all the game;
  • improvement of the balance between agonist and antagonist muscles;
  • improvement of the responsiveness and explosiveness of the goalkeeper.


5 programs aimed to drastically reduce the number of injuries and the main
musculoskeletal ailments. In particular these programs aim to:

  • strengthen the ankle and the knee in order to prevent sprains;
  • reduce the number of injuries due to lesions and/or muscular cramps;
  • strengthen the abdominal muscles to prevent lumbagos.


5 programs to treat the traumas and the recurring ailments in the soccer
players, such as:

  • contusions and muscle contractures;
  • articular and tendinous inflmmations.


6 specific programs aimed to:

  • speed up the processes of removal of fatigue and lactic acid accumulated after the trainings and races;
  • release and relax the tensed and sore musculature.


34 Soccer
53 Sport
36 Beauty
58 Fitness
23 Microcurrements
18 Sereal sequential stimulation
13 G-Pulse
12 TENS and PAIN
7 Action Now
3 Rehab
1 Ionophoresis

Special Features:

A real revolution in medical and physiotherapic fields as it permits to stimulate the muscles involved in a sequential manner. In this way the natural movement is repeated thanks to the activation in differentiated times of the muscular groups involved.

Action Now
It enables to activate the muscular contraction through an external control managed by an operator. In this way it is possible to link the stimulation to the voluntary contraction to obtain a greater recruitment of the muscular fibers and an important coordinating effect.

A special program list to stimulate in an effective and specific manner the muscular areas used in the more common sport activities.

Multi user
It identifies the different users and differentiate between their “Last 10”, “Preferred Programs” and “AutoStim” sessions. Perfect for team players or clients of a physiotherapy center.

Synchro Stim
Syncro Stim lets you set the stimulation intensity on the four channels at the same time with only one button. Very useful for advanced users because it let start the stimulation in a very short time.

Run Time
This function permits to change pulse length, frequency and amplitude during the treatment.

Auto Stim
It permits to execute a previously-executed program automatically, without having to change intensity. It makes treatment management very easy. ® Globus

This function permits to store the most used programs in a dedicated memory slot to recall them faster.

Last 10
After switching the appliance on, select “Last 10 Sessions”, it refers to a specific user in every device equipped with memory feature.

Work Time
This function indicates the total time of use of the appliance in terms of stimulation.

Stim Lock
This function permits the user to block the appliance so that only saved programs can be executed.



MCR – Microcurrents



Channels: 4
Types of current: EMS, Iono, MCR, TENS
Special Features: 2+2, 3S, Action Now, Programmable, Run Time
Frequency: 0,3-150 Hz
Impulse amplitude: 40 – 450 µs
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Display: Backlit
Device\'s Class: IIA
Compliance: Conforms to Directive 93/42 / EEC-2007/47 / EEC

Product description:

1 Bag
1 Soccer Pro electrostimulation device
4 Cables for electrodes connection
2 Cables for microcurrents and ionophoresis
4 Self-adhesive square electrodes
4 Self-adhesive rectangular electrodes
1 Charger
1 Operating manual

Find all the programs in the brochure below.

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