Beurer EM 22 EMS Muscle Booster

Beurer EM 22 EMS Muscle Booster
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Beurer EM 22 EMS Muscle Booster training TENS device for safe electrostimulation of the muscles of the abdomen, legs, or arms.

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Beurer EM 22 EMS Muscle Booster training TENS device for building and strengthening with third-generation EMS technology, from the German company Beurer. It is a global innovation for an immediate effect on the comfort of your home.

It strengths and tights the muscles of the abdomen (for 6-pack effect), legs or arms with multiple different light pulsations of low frequency that are transmitted to the body.

Targeted exercise with alternating muscle stimulation programs to tighten, increase endurance, strength, and physique for a total of 23 minutes. Burn your belly fat with a month of application and get lined abs.

Beurer EM 22 EMS Muscle Booster training details:

  • EMS sixpack pad for application on the stomach
  • Adjustable volume: The volume can be adjusted flexibly according to the user's needs
  • EMS arm/leg pad for use on arms and legs
  • Flexible and soft silicone material
  • Electrostimulation of the abdominal muscles and arm/leg muscles
  • Three-part EMS pad set
  • 1 x sixpack pad and 2 x arm/leg pad
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Adjustable intensity (15 levels)
  • Incl. one self-adhesive gel film per EMS pad
  • 3 years warranty
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