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3-channel SE-300A ECG by EDAN with vivid waveform display, built-in thermal printer and large data storage with AUTO, manual & rhythm working modes

€999.01 (tax incl.) €805.65 (tax excl.)
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EDAN SE-300A ECG is a high-tech 3 channel electrocardiograph with a built-in thermal printer. EDAN SE-300A ECG features a vivid waveform display of 192×64 pixels capable of diplaying 12 waverforms simultaneously. It displays the operation menu, ECG parameters as well as 12 electrocardiograms. Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation is carried out, verified by CSE / AHA / MIT databases.

ECG signals of 12 leads are gathered and amplified simultaneously, while 12-channel waves are displayed and recorded simultaneously. EDAN SE-300A ECG supports barcode scanner to simplify patient information input. The auto, manual, rhythm, and off work modes can be chosen freely.

EDAN SE-300A ECG features fully digital filters, resisting baseline drift, AC and EMG interference, to protect the patient during the cardiogram. Also provides recognition and protection from defibrillator and pacemaker. Customizable visual & audio alarms, alerts the user of any errors (eg Disconnected electrodes, low battery).

EDAN SE-300A ECG works with AC / DC power supply and with a built-in rechargeable Li-on battery. When the battery is fully charged, the 3-channel electrocardiograph can work normally about 6.5 hours. It can continuously record about 3 hours in Manual mode. In internal memory EDAN SE-300A ECG can storage up to 500 ECGs that can be enlarged by USB flash disk.

Patient information can be automatically transferred from Smart ECG Viewer to SE-300A ECG, typo error can be avoided. You can upload reports to Smart ECG Viewer automatically to manage your data, which provide a convenient method to share, review, edit and diagnose ECG reports between different doctors.

Certified according to the latest EU standards (CE) and the U.S. FDA!

Features : 

Ergonomic touchpad.
LCD screen with waveform display and parameters configurable
High resolution thermal printer
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, AC/DC power supply
Well designed membrane keyboard
Multi-languages selectable
Data transmission to PC
USB Interface for patient data transportation
Compatible with external printer for 12 leads simultaneous printing
Complete digital filter, resisting baseline drift, AC and EMG interference
Automatic baseline adjustment
Copy mode for additional copies of the latest auto-tested ECG
3 / 6 / 12 leads display simultaneous
Lead-Off detection and alert
Selectable report options : auto, manual, rhythm and of work modes
Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation tested with CSE / AHA / MIT databases
Certified according to the latest EU standards (CE) and the U.S. FDA!
Support barcode scanner to simplify patient information input

Standard Accessories:

ECG cable (τ4mm, banana connector, IEC)
ECG cable (τ4mm, banana connector, AHA)
Adult Precordial suction electrodes (6 PCS/set, match τ4mm ECG cable)
Adult Limb clamp electrodes (4 PCS/set, match τ4mm ECG cable)
Recording Paper (Roll, 50mm*30m)
Power Cord (European Standard)
Power Cord (USA standard)
Fuse (T200mA, European Standard)
Fuse (T400mA, USA standard)
Rechargeable Lithium Battery (2200mAH)
Paper Roller
User Manual
Quick Reference Card

50 cm
10 cm
60 cm
2 kg
Data sheet
2.5 kg
70 mm
288 mm
210 mm