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3M is an American multinational conglomerate active in the industrial, occupational safety, health care and consumer goods sectors. The company produces products under various brand names. Today, more than 60.000 3M products are used in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and other industries. 

3M produces reliable products that feature innovative technologies, as well as collaborating with thousands of researchers and scientists employed around the world. It is worth noting that products belonging to the medical equipment sector comply with all the rules and standards of manufacturing and carry all the necessary certifications. Always with the 3M signature.

In, you can find 3M medical products such as adhesive skin closures, surgical tapes, cold/hot sprays, etc.

Nexcare ColdHot spray 150ml
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Nexcare ColdHot spray by 3M that acts immediately and cools severe muscle injuries, bruises, fractures or sprains to relieve pain, suitable for athletes and active people