Korsolex bohrerbad disinfectant

Korsolex bohrerbad disinfectant
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Disinfectant Korsolex bohrerbad ready to use, for disinfection of rotary instruments used in dentistry. Made by Bode Chemie.

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Korsolex bohrerbad disinfectant by Bode is suitable for the disinfection of rotary instruments, drills and fraises used in dentistry and chiropody. Korsolex Bohrerbad possesses a good material compatibility with instruments made of hard metal (tungsten steel), steel and diamond and is ideally suitable for the disinfection of steel and diamond drills, root canal instruments and elastic polishers. The Korsolex bohrerbad disinfectant has pleasant smell and achieves disinfection in 5 minutes, providing high compatibility with the materials. 

The disinfectant Korsolex bohrerbad from Bode is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of rotating instruments, burs and cutters in dentistry and podiatry. It has good compatibility with tools made of hard metal, steel, diamond and is suitable for disinfecting steel, diamond milling of the root canal instruments and polishing of tires. The disinfectant Korsolex bohrerbad has a pleasant smell and achieves disinfection within 5 minutes, yielding a high compatibility with the materials. The active ingredients are 100 grams of 1-propanol 12,0 g, 2-propanol, 6,0 g, 1,25 g. Potassium hydroxide and other ingredients such as solvents, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors.

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Medical instruments
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Safety Sheet Korsolex bohrerbad

Material safety data sheet Korsolex bohrerbad

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