Thuasne 0871 Lombaskin lumbar support belt with 4 straps

 Lumbar support belt LombaSkin Thuasne 0871
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Lumbar support belt Lombaskin Thuasne 0871 is comfortable with "second skin" effect.

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Thuasne 0871 LombaSkin® lumbar support belt with 4 strong adjustable braces at the rear that provide enhanced support. On the sides, there are 2 additional flexible braces to support the side of the abdomen.

Thuasne 0871 LombaSkin® lumbar support belt is a light belt with 10% less weight than the classic belts. Available in beige and black color, it is designed without seams and this makes it almost invisible. Its back has a height of 21 cm in all numbers. It is anatomically designed with a lower height at the front to give support without interfering with daily activities. It is manufactured by the French company Thuasne with 170 years of know-how and experience in the manufacture of orthopedic aids.

Thuasne 0871 LombaSkin® lumbar support belt is made of the innovative ventilated, elastic Combitex® material, a thin and very light, ventilated fabric, friendly to the skin, makes you feel very comfortable during use (Second Skin Effect). A unique Thuasne technology, patented. It combines a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic layer, with the result that the sweat is properly removed and ventilated, without being absorbed by the fibers of the fabric, something that happens in almost all other types of fabric. Thanks to the Combitex® elastic material, the patient can comfortably wear the Thuasne LombaSkin® lumbar belt directly on the skin, even all day long!

Also, the LombaSkin® lumbar belt is easily placed and you can adjust it with the finger holders it has. It is suitable for use in cases of people with acute or chronic back pain with or without surgery, spine surgery, postoperative conditions, people with sensitive skin and pain in the lumbar region. Can be hand-washed at 30°C with a mild detergent, without bleach or emollients, and drying away from heat sources is recommended.

Thuasne LombaSkin® lumbar belt is available in 5 sizes. To find the ideal size that suits you you should measure the waist circumference below the navel. If the result of your measurement is between two sizes, select the largest size.


  • Innovative breathable rubber material Combitex®
  • Finger cases for easy installation
  • It is the lightest belt on the market 
  • Seamless design
  • Skin-friendly, comfortable (Second Skin Effect)
  • 4 strong configurable panels
  • 2 additional flexible panels
  • Height: 21 cm at the back
  • Anatomic design
  • Colors: beige, black


  • Acute back pain with or without sciatica
  • Chronic back pain with or without sciatica
  • Postoperative use
  • Very sensitive skin that finds it difficult to wear a lumbar belt


  • 0: 60-70 cm
  • 1: 71 - 86 cm
  • 2: 87 - 102 cm
  • 3: 103 - 121 cm
  • 4: 122 - 140 cm
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