Ultrasound paper rolls

Printing ultrasound rolls paper is a special type of paper used to record and print ultrasound images. Ultrasonic paper is a type of thermal paper, meaning no ink is required to print an image. Instead, images are created through thermal printing where the thermal head transfers heat to the paper to create an image.

Ultrasound printing papers work in the same way as thermal paper. The thermal head is equipped with a series of tiny cells, each of which is able to emit heat to the paper. The heat trapped by the cells creates the image on the paper. The technology of ultrasonic papers is based on the properties of ultrasound. Ultrasounds are high-frequency sound waves generated by a source and transmitted through a medium, such as water or air. The effect of ultrasound on paper is that the paper becomes more durable and smooth, thanks to the increase in the density of the paper fibers. The process of coating the paper with ultrasound involves the use of an ultrasound material that is applied to the paper with the help of a roller. This material dries in an instant and is stabilized using ultrasound. The result is a paper with improved durability and printability properties.

Ultrasound rolls paper is usually white or slightly yellow and has a layer of special chemical material on its surface. This chemical material reacts with the heat emitted by the thermal head, creating an image on the paper. The image is created in a series of grayscales, with dark colors corresponding to areas of the body that absorb more heat, while lighter colors correspond to areas of the body that absorb less heat.

There are several types of printing ultrasound roll paper available in the market. The two most common types are white printing ultrasound film and colored printing ultrasound film. White ultrasound paper is the most common and is used to create black-and-white images. Color ultrasound paper creates images in a range of colors and is typically used for more detailed scans.

Printing ultrasound rolls paper provides a number of advantages in medical imaging. First, it is a safe and non-invasive means of imaging. Second, it doesn't require a special adapter to work, which makes it more affordable than other imaging formats. Finally, the images created are of high resolution and can be reproduced many times without losing their quality. The papers are manufactured by SONY or Mitsubishi and are differentiated according to the width and quality of the paper.

In the medi-shop, you can find a wide variety of printing ultrasound roll paper, of white color for black ‘n white printing, and colored ultrasound printing film. Made by SONY and Mitsubishi, available in various sizes.

SONY UPP-210SE printing paper
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Sony UPP-210SE standard black and white printing paper for use with UP-910AD, UP-930AD, UP-960AD, UP-970AD, UP-980AD, and UP-990AD Black and White Printers.