beurer FT09 digital thermometer

Digital thermometer FT09
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Flexible digital thermometer FT09 manufactured by beurer, suitable for easy and effective measurements of body temperature. Without glass and mercury.

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Digital thermometer beurer for quick and reliable measurements.

Does not contain mercury or glass parts, is waterproof and can be sterilized. The thermometer has audible alarm when the measurement and remembers the last measurement is completed.

The measurement is completed when a stable temperature has been reached. When this stage has been reached, an acoustic signal is heard, the “°C” symbol stops flashing and the temperature measured is displayed. As long as the measured temperature is below 32 °C, “Lo °C” will appear. Higher temperatures will be shown directly, e.g. 32,1 °C.

The digital thermometer's accuracy is about 0.1 °C for measurements from 35.5 °C to 42 °C.

The box contains a protective cap and batteries.

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