Comply Bowie-Dick test system 1301 3M (20 pcs)

Comply Bowie-Dick test system 1301 3M (20 pcs)
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3M Comply 1301 disposable Bowie & Dick type autoclave test pack, for use in porous load sterilizers.

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Bowie-Dick type test packs 3M Comply 1301 detect air leaks, inadequate air removal and steam penetration for vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers.

3M Comply 1301 is a compact, efficient and easy to use disposable test pack.
With unique colour chemistry, the 3M Comply 1301 Disposable Bowie and Dick Type Autoclave Test Pack conforms to BS EN 867-4 and carries the BSI Kite Mark. It is designed for single use in porous load sterilizers for daily Bowie and Dick tests.

3M Comply 1301 Product Benefits
  • Fast, efficient and disposable
  • Simple and easy to read
  • Stronger colours and higher definition
  • Accurate, consistent, reliable and reproducible
  • Easy record storage
  • Saves time
  • Paper can be re-used for note-taking
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