HEINE Gamma G7 arm sphygmomanometer (3 cuffs)

HEINE Gamma G7 arm sphygmomanometer (3 cuffs)
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HEINE Gamma G7 arm sphygmomanometer with 3 cuffs, durable made of aluminum alloy and shockproof plastic, with push-button valve, pressure-proof manometer, large diameter scale, carrying case, latex-free.

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HEINE Gamma G7 arm sphygmomanometer from HEINE is an easy-to-use sphygmomanometer with 3 cuffs made of shock-absorbing polyamide housing, with push-button valve, a Pressure-proof manometer and a large diameter scale.

It is made of aluminium alloy with a shock-absorbing ring protecting indicator and glass. The lower part is moulded of shockproof plastic with shock-absorbing, anti-slip coating. 

The durable and reliable HEINE Gamma G7 arm sphygmomanometer is equipped with a unique pressure distribution system, a pressure-proof manometer with a large diameter scale of 56 mm in white and black to make scale is easy to read. There is also a microfilter made of durable plastic and non-slip coating to protect the valve and manometer. The HEINE Gamma G7 arm sphygmomanometer includes a precisely calibrated, high-quality durable indicator and a 50% larger insufflation bulb so that you can inflate the cuff faster. The 3 cuffs for adult, children and infants are of high quality with single tube and Velcro tape.

Also, the HEINE Gamma G7 arm sphygmomanometer has an innovative push-button valve for a fine and precise air release rate adjustment, ultra-fast air-release and practically wear-free.

HEINE Gamma G7 arm sphygmomanometer features:

  • For professional use
  • Includes 3 cuffs (for adults, children and infants)
  • In carrying case with zipper
  • Made in Germany
  • High quality, single-tube cuff with velcro fastener-washable
  • Absolute comfort and ease of use,
  • Innovative push-button valve (patent: DE 10353157).
  • High precision and speed of air release
  • Both right-handed and left-handed people can use it.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
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