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Heine was founded in 1946 by physicist and engineer Helmut A. Heine in Herrsching, Germany, and in its early years exclusively manufactured otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes.

In 1954, the optical production workshop was created and the first lenses were manufactured - as the existing ones did not meet the precision standards. The development and widespread use of dermoscope has greatly influenced the early detection and prevention of skin cancer.

In fact, a personal story from the founder of the company, Helmut A. Heine, helped with this: in 1989, he accompanied his wife to an examination where she was diagnosed with an apparent cancerous lesion. He observed that the examination methods used at the time had significant deficiencies in terms of brightness, sharpness, and handling. With the help of Dr. Otto Braun-Falco, developed the first hand-held dermoscope, the DELTA 10. And the accuracy of diagnosis in dermoscopy increased from 55 to 90%. Since then, the dermoscope has become an essential component in dermatological diagnoses for both dermatologists and general practitioners .

Today, Heine is a world leader in the manufacture of primary diagnostic instruments with more than 500 employees, developing and manufacturing HEINE diagnostic instruments at their facilities in Germany, where they combine decades of experience and craftsmanship with the most modern manufacturing technologies.

In the medi-shop you can find a wide variety of HEINE products, such as dermatoscopes, diagnostic lenses, laryngoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, otoscopes, etc.