HEINE XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 3.5V X-002.88.070

Heine XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 3.5V
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HEINE XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 3.5V for Heine instruments.

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HEINE XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 3.5V specifically designed as an integral part of the HEINE instrument it powers.

Benefit from better Colour Temperature, and proper balance between illumination brightness and true tissue colour for the most accurate diagnosis. Better bulb life, safety and Optical Performance

You must select the appropriate bulb for your HEINE device, available at 3,5V is the:

  • X-002.88.070 compatible with: BETa 200 M2 Ophthalmoscope, BETa 200 Ophthalmoscope, BETa 200s Ophthalmoscope.
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