HEINE GAMMA G5 sphygmomanometer

HEINE GAMMA G5 sphygmomanometer
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The HEINE standard sphygmomanometer complete with adult cuff, in zipper pouch.

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The sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA G5 has a unique pressure distribution system (patented in Germany by Heine) & manometer pressure resistant.

It has very high strength and reliability while construction makes it resistant to impact. Features microfilter to protect the valve and the pressure gauge.

Has dial diameter 56 mm, white with blue gradient for easier reading results. The durable, high-quality indicator is calibrated accurately.

The sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA G5 is 50 % larger bulb for fast inflation of the cuff. The unique, transparent air valve provides precise leak, quick deflation, and extreme durability.

A rubber stop prevents locking the valve. The sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA G5 is made from thermoplastic (Polyamid / TP Elastomer) and rubber ring that protects the glass.

Has shockproof perivlyma and high quality cuff with single tube and closing Velcro. Washable.

Available with adult cuff 14 x 58cm or child cuff 10 x 34cm.

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5 Years
Manufacturer reference
M-000.09.230, M-000.09.231