Sleep diagnostic systems

Full polysomnography systems by Weinmann Lowenstein & NOX Medical engineered and designed to record and analyze sleep disorders by medical professionals.
Specific features such as very small physical size  make the systems ideal for ambulatory and pediatric measurements. Additionally, most devices feature optimized design of cable leads that minimize the effort needed for hookup, cleaning, and  service, while  minimizing electrode pull.

All sleep diagnostic systems are based on multi-channel EOG, EMG and EEG unipolar inputs & feature sound recording from built in microphones, pressure recordings from nasal and mask cannulas, 3D acceleration from built-in acceleration sensors, respiratory effort recording with thorax and abdomen belts, pulse, SpO2 and Plethysmography

The  use  of  intelligent  re-referencing secures study integrity throughout the night, for all our devices. Through wireless communications with sensors and auxiliary devices the possibilities for endless interfaces and configurations are opened while giving the patient freedom to move around. 

Flexibility is guaranteed through full remote interface, impedance check, configuration, and signal monitoring over tablets or PC systems. The sophistication of the systems is completed with audio recording capabilities and multiple simultaneous sampling rate, allowing for high performance re-referencing.