Therabody RecoveryAir pressotherapy device

Therabody RecoveryAir pressotherapy device
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Therabody RecoveryAir pressotherapy device that can be combined with 4-chamber garments for all parts of the body.

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Therabody RecoveryAir pressotherapy device is the basic model of the pressure therapy system and is particularly powerful and effective for speeding up recovery, for lymphatic massage and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. It is the ideal device for those who do intensive training as part of their recovery, as well as for those who have muscle pain and swollen legs. It is a lightweight portable device of small size and is characterized by the ideal cost/performance ratio.

The RecoveryAir pressotherapy device is the first choice of physiotherapists, fitness trainers and athletes of all levels for their recovery.

The pressure therapy device works with a power supply, but also with an internal battery that lasts 6-8 hours. The device in combination with the top 4-chamber covers (cuffs), offers a cost-effective rehabilitation treatment that will allow you quality training, high-volume weekly training, and reduce the risk of injury. RecoveryAir is scientifically proven to:

  • Reduces delayed muscle soreness, swelling, and stiffness
  • Relieves muscle fatigue by 45% with 20 minutes of application
  • Improves the contractile ability of the feet

The device is compatible with all 4-chamber cuffs. The covers you can choose from include:

  • RecoveryAir Boots
  • RecoveryAir Sleeve

The Therabody RecoveryAir pressotherapy system contains:

  • Portable device
  • Power supply 110 / 220V
  • Integrated rechargeable battery

(cuffs are not included in the package)

Technical characteristics
Weight 1 Kg
Dimensions 21 cm × 20 cm × 9 cm
Integrated battery autonomy up to 6-8 hours
Session time settings 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes or continuously
Compression range 20 to 100 mmHg
Selection of waiting time 3 options: 0, 5 and 10 sec.
Certification FDA Type II Medical Device
Warranty 2 years
1 kg