Polyamid suture 1 30mm 1/2 75cm

Polyamid suture 1 30mm 1/2 75cm
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Polyamid surgical suture with 1/2 circle round-bodied needle tip, 75cm fiber length, USP 1 and 30mm length. Available in blue color, non-absorbable, and monofilament.

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Polyamid non-absorbable surgical sutures with 30mm needle and USP size 1, suitable for use in most surgeries. The polyamid sutures are durable, single-stranded, non-absorbable, with a single blue fiber, with a thread size of 75cm.
The needle of the sutures is curved in 1/2 of the circle, they are available sterile in a piece package with CE certification.
The non-absorbable Polyamid suture with a 30mm long 75cm round (round bodied heavy) needle tip can generally be used for contact retention and/or soft tissue convergence but its use is not indicated for central cardiovascular and central nervous system tissues. .
The non-adhesion of the Polyamid suture to the tissues allows its easy and painless removal.
The Polyamid suture is usually removed within a month
  • Metric: 4.0
  • USP: 1
  • Needle: 30mm
  • Suture length: 75cm
  • Circle: 1/2
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30 mm
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