Authorised Medipac reseller

MEDIPAC was established in December 1987 in Northern Greece. MEDIPAC is a surgical sutures manufacturer with thirty-year-old of experience in the field.

Since 1989 the company has been distributing its products to a wide range of medical establishments in Greece and in the last 15 years, its products are distributed throughout the world.

The constant pursuit of high-quality medical devices consists the cornerstone of MEDIPAC for more than two decades. MEDIPAC encompasses a certified production process for surgical sutures, membranes, pins, and screws, according to the requirements of the Common Harmonized Technical Standards (ISO 9001:2008, ISO13485:2012) and directive 93/42/EEC. The constant monitoring of production and control activities, by highly trained personnel, ensures the desired characteristics of the end products, fulfilling our customers’ demands.

The distribution network of the company is constantly growing and its products are currently present in more than forty countries worldwide, while at the same time they occupy a sizeable share of the internal Greek market.

Today MEDIPAC produces a wide and integrated line of surgical sutures. Always eager to improve and evolve, Medipac provides medical professionals with the most suitable solutions for their needs. As part of this effort, its product portfolio has been recently expanded with the addition of high-quality PTFE sutures, PTFE membranes, micro-screws, and micro-pins.