BLACKROLL Standard foam roller

BLACKROLL Standard foam roller
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Blackroll Standard foam roller with average hardness and established massage-effect. Appropriate for all applications. Available in 3 colors

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Blackroll Standard foam roller version is appropriate for all applications with established massage-effect and average hardness. It is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, free of propellant and free of chemicals. Energy saving production.

Experts from sports and medicine recommend the use of BLACKROLL. BLACKROLL can be used for all exercises like every other foam roller. BLACKROLL offers you a variety of different grades of hardness. All rolls are harder than your average foam roller to guarantee a strong and deep massage effect and fascial release. BLACKROLL offers people of all ages and sport levels the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, mobility and strength by doing simple exercises and performing self massage. BLACKROLL produces all her products in Germany.
It is the ideal supplement to traditional methods of treatment, such as:


Blackroll Standard foam roller is inodorous, water resistant, easy to clean and easy sanitizable. It is available in 4 colors: black, black - yellow and black - blue - white.

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