List of BLACKROLL products

BLACKROLL products offer support in preventing muscular dysfunction and can be used during your sports- or medical rehabilitation by assisting the muscles and connective tissue to recover quicker and maintaining or becoming more flexible.

The products are an excellent addition to classic treatments and methods used for instance in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and recovery therapy, massage, Rolfing and osteopathy. Experts from sports and medicine recommend BLACKROLL products.

BLACKROLL was awarded the prestigious Physio prize in 2009, for “product with the greatest range of benefits for its users”.

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BLACKROLL BOOSTER Slim, add vibration technology to your BLACKROLL and boost your fascia training to the next level, with the BLACKROLL Slim roller.
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The BLACKROLL® GYMBAG is a perfect solution with practical size for athletes and trainers to carry their favorite BLACKROLL® products.
Ships in 4-10 days
BLACKROLL Mat is non-slip, says motionless on the floor – without rolling up and perfect damping and structured surface for comfortable training.
Ships in 4 - 10 days
BLACKROLL Block, a multipurpose tool for storing BLACKROLL mini/DuoBall/Ball as well as use as a functional training tool.