Mectronic Exand High Power Laser

Mectronic Exand high power laser
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Mectronic Exand is a high power laser series which are able to emit high doses of energy 25W & 30W, overcoming the natural dispersion of the laser.

Exand has designed and produced physical therapy systems since 1986. Having built over 10,000 laser systems, Mectronic Medicale leads the sector of therapeutic lasers thanks to its know-how and experience. From the first surgical and CO lasers, Mectronic Medicale had made important steps forward, the result of close collaboration with research centres, universities, and national and international institutes.

Mectronic Medicale has always been characterised by its technological innovation, years ahead for new techniques and therapeutic laser applications: from the first therapeutic use of a Nd:YAG laser to the use of semiconductor laser sources, to the first three-wavelength laser, to the first 1064nm wide band semiconductor laser system, ever more advanced in therapeutic terms, with lower energy consumption.

This vast experience has led to the creation of Exand: the benchmark for high energy multi-mode laser therapy. Mectronic Exand high power laser is a system which is capable of offering a range of settings and emissions, for flexible and efficient therapy. Thanks to interactive software and a colour touch-screen it is even easier to set up the therapy.

Today Exand has evolved Mectronic Exand high power laser with an exclusive patented threewavelength Triax system: this innovative system allows the characteristics of three different energy sources to be modulated in a single device, making the therapy more flexible and able to adjust to the pathological state of the patient. Mectronic Exand high power laser works through the Real-Time MecOS operating system, which together with the high performance 5.7’’ touch screen, are ideal for high level efficient therapy.

Exand contains a large interactive database containing over 60 pathologies which guides the operator through the treatment. 3D illustrations and step-by-step explanations provide clear and simple instructions for the operator, guaranteeing reliability and precision from the very first application. TriaX Module: three wavelengths

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