EDAN iM8A 10.4' Portable Patient Monitor

EDAN iM8A 10.4' Portable Patient Monitor
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EDAN iM8A 10.4' Multiparameter portable patient monitor with 10.4' LCD screen for optimized performance and that meets basic monitoring needs

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EDAN iM8A Multi-parameter patient monitor is specially designed for maximum flexibility and optimum monitoring for adult, pediatric and neonatal usage. EDAN iM8A features a large high-resolution 10.4' display provides clear view of eight waveforms and full monitoring parameters. With intelligent monitoring, intelligent alarming, and Ethernet networking and many other features provide easy, integrated monitoring in any facility.

EDAN iM8A is a lightweight, compact, portable monitor with a 10.4” color TFT display. In standard configuration, EDAN iM8A is capable of measuring ECG, SpO2, Respiratory rate, NIBP, 2-Temp and PR, and can be upgraded with 2-IBP, Respironics LoFlo sidestream and CAPNOSTAT EtCO2 measurement & bi-directional communications with EDAN CMS monitoring system (wired or wireless)

With multi-leads ECG waveforms (7 leads) display, arrhythmia analysis, multi-lead S-T segment, EDAN iM8A  is a powerful and reliable tool for every doctor or clinic.

It has built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, powerful data storage capacity (96 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters, 500 NIBP measurement, 60 alarm events) and USB data storage and review. 

Optionally, EDAN iM8A can be equipped with EDAN official accessories such as adult, pediatrics and neonate NIBP Cufs & sensors, while its easily upgradable with 3 channel thermal printer, 2-IBP Module & Capnography modules

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