Body Up BU1000 patient lift / transfer

Body Up BU1000 patient lift / transfer
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Body Up BU1000 patient lift/transfer with cloth seat and 10 cm wheels, ideal for patients weighing up to 100kg. Includes stabilization strap.

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The Body Up BU1000 patient lift/transfer is designed with 10 cm wheels, an ideal seat for users weighing up to 100 kg and includes stabilization strap.

  1. Advanced patient lift: The special lifting mechanisms in combination with the levers, make the whole process simple and mainly effortless for everyone. The strength required is really low. The user is lifted from the bed easily and in the natural-sitting position, without hanging in the air as is the case with the classic lifts.
  2. Bath/commode cushion and WC: After lifting and without any additional modifications, Body Up Evolution can be used in the bathroom for any use, due to the high-quality stainless steel construction that makes it waterproof.
  3. Wheelchair for indoor use or fitting in any wheelchair: The Body Up Evolution gives the option to be used as a wheeled home armchair. After increasing the external width, it can be placed on the user in a wheelchair of his choice.
  4. Vehicle access: The choice of models makes the Body Up Evolution compatible with most types of cars. Thus, it eliminates the high cost of converting the vehicle so that it is accessible.

Available Accessories of the body up to BU1000 patient lift/transfer (not included):

  • A comfortable seat made of Viscoelastic turns the Body Up Evolution into a comfortable, wheeled home armchair. You can also use it in the wheelchair you already have, even in the electric one.
  • Toilet seat, waterproof and specially designed seat, for use in the bathroom and toilet, made of silicone gel.
  • Dimensions: 42 x 42 cm.

25 kg
Data sheet
Maximum weight
100 g
Manufacturer reference
BU 1000

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