Body Up BU2000 Heavy Duty Patient Lift / Transfer

Body UP BU2000 Advanced Patient Lift
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Body UP BU2000 Heavy Duty Patient Lift specifically designed to lift the patient in the sitting - physical position, with minimal muscle strength from the assistant.

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Body Up BU2000 Heavy Duty Patient Lift / Transfer offers a safe means to transfer patients up to 140kg. Designed as a 4-in-1 medical transfer device, the Body Up BU1000 is constructed of stainless steel to serve as an all-purpose bath chair, commode chair, indoor wheelchair or car transfer chair. The Body Up BU2000 can be used with the Commode Cushion (BU-05) to use as a commode chair. A soft Comfort Cushion (BU-09) can be used to convert the chair to a transport wheelchair for indoor use. Another accessory is the Body Up Transfer System Stabilization Straps (BU-03) used for patient safety. The stabilization straps keep the sling cushion attached to the body of the sitting patient.

Body Up BU2000 Heavy Duty Patient Lift / Transfer can be used to transfer patients by a manually lifting mechanism that employs a simple hand crank to hoist the patient from the surface they are sitting on into the lift chair. The chair requires no electricity or batteries. The transfer chair limits the after sales service calls and associated fees common to most lift chairs. It's waterproof construction makes it a perfect commode or bath transfer chair for patients. Listed below are some key uses for the Body Up BU2000 Heavy Duty Patient Lift / Transfer device.

The Body Up BU2000 frame cover is removable and machine washable. The transfer sling is hand-washable and is made of waterproof polyester. This multi-functional aid provides a safe lift and painless descent to help prevent injuries to the patient as well as the caregiver.

Body Up BU2000 Heavy Duty Patient Lift / Transfer Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-functional patient lift and transport wheelchair
  • Constructed with high quality stainless steel.
  • Offers safe patient lifting.
  • Provides safe patient transfers.
  • Requires no electricity or batteries.
  • Lightweight.
  • Disassembles into 3 separate pieces for easy storage and transport.
  • Requires no muscular strength to operate.
  • Reduces stress to patient and caregivers.
  • Limits “after-sales service” calls.
  • Provides safe descent and painless lift.
  • Special gears and levers make the lifting and descending procedure simple and easy.
  • Physical strength is not a requirement for using the Body Up BU2000 Advanced Patient Lift / Transfer.
  • Requires low maintenance and it is easy to clean.
  • No need for a battery.
  • Its light construction allows you to carry it with you in the car.
  • Raises patients from the bed with ease and dignity.
  • Designed to lift patients from the bed while their body maintains its natural sitting posture.
  • Easy to fold into two pieces to transport.


  • Stabilization Straps (BU03) - provide additional stability to patients who require additional support. With a design similar to automobile seat belts, these straps have a quick release button. Patients stay safely centered in the sling when these stability straps are properly used.
  • Comfort Cushion (BU09) - designed for patients who use the lift as a wheelchair or for long transfer periods. This cushion is made with a polyurethane gel layer and additional foam for a more comfortable experience.
  • Commode Cushion (BU-05) - offers patients easy access to toileting, bathing or showering. Manufactured with silicon gel, the seat is comfortable and allows patients to use the toilet without leaving the lift.


Commode Chair

  • Using the toilet is made easy.
  • Easily install the accessory commode chair cushion to convert to a commode chair.
  • Toileting works best with the Commode Cushion accessory.

Indoor Wheelchair

  • After raising the patient, use as an indoor wheelchair or as a sofa on wheels!
  • The external width can be extended for a comfortable transport chair.

Vehicle Access

  • Makes vehicle accessibility more feasible than ever.
  • Compatible with most vehicle types.
  • No need for car-modifications, it is adaptable to most vehicles.
  • Vehicle transfers work best with the Comfort Cushion accessory.
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