Sissel Hand Grip

Sissel Hand Grip
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Hand and finger strengthening device SISSEL Hand Grip, designed to strengthen the muscles of the hand and fingers, is available in 2 colors.

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Restoration and strengthening of the hand and fingers with the SISSEL Hand Grip device. Designed to strengthen hand muscles and strengthen fingers while fighting stress.

Fun exercises to rehabilitate muscle injury in the hand or fingers and strengthen the forearm. The SISSEL Hand Grip strengthening and rehabilitation device improves finger mobility, is continuously adjustable, has a non-slip grip, and is ideal for use at home and in the office.

The SISSEL Hand Grip hand and finger mobilization device is available in two different resistances that are color-coded:

  •  Light Therapy (orange) 2-15 kg, Sissel 162101: Suitable for rehabilitation exercises in hand and finger injuries or diseases
  • Medium Sport (blue) 5-20 kg, Sissel 162100: Suitable for training and strengthening the muscles of the forearm and fingers.
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