Compex 6P Snap Cable

Snap lead wire for Compex Devices
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6P snap lead wire for Compex Devices available in 4 colours

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Take advantage of the new easy-snap Compex electrodes with these conversion cables. The new Compex snap cables allow you to use the new easy-snap electrodes with the Compex Sport and Compex Fitness Trainers that originally used the pin electrodes. Enjoy the increased ease of use with the new easy-snap electrodes!

The Compex snap cables are compatible for Compex 1.0 Fit, Fit 3.0, SP 2.0, SP 4.0, Compex Mi-Sport, Compex Mi-Fitness, Compex Energy Mi-ready, compex Vitality, Performance compex Mi_ready, Compex Sports elite compex full fitness, Compex Runner

Red (REF 001115)
Yellow (REF 001116)
Green (REF 001117)
Blue (REF 001118)

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