Globus Elite SII TENS/EMS device

Globus Elite SII TENS/EMS device
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Globus Elite SII is a portable TENS/EMS device with 2 independent channels for Fitness and Beauty, Sport, TENS and Pain and 100 programs.

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The Elite SII is a 2-channel Electrostimulation device by Globus includes a wide range of programs for body care.

100 Programms:

30 Sport
44 Fitness, Beauty & Wellness
16  Pain  & Tens
6 Prevention
3 Rehab
1 Incontinence

PROGRAMMABLE: Elite SII has 6 free memories where it is possible to insert the desired parameters and to create your personalized programs.

SPORT: Elite SII is designed to selectively stimulate the fast and slow fibers, in order to train the different muscle types.

FITNESS, BEAUTY & WELNESS: Elite SII is ideal to carry out a program of exercises even at home to improve the physical shape. The muscle contraction produced by the Elite SII has beneficial effects on metabolism and muscular tissues.

BEAUTY: A beautiful body is the expression of a state of wellbeing and balance. We should enhance it and defend it against time and sedentary lifestyle. Today this aspect is considered an important asset in our life. We can take care of our body and defend its vitality and beauty by means of the aesthetic treatments of electrostimulation.

WELLNESS: Let Globus guide you in the path towards wellbeing, where you will be fit, you will lose weight, strengthen your body or simply maintain yourself in good shape directly at home.

REHAB & PAIN: The programs for muscle stimulation are particularly recommended for functional recovery after joint surgery and after periods of immobilization.

PAIN: Eliminate pain with the extraordinary pulses of TENS currents, which stimulate your body softly and help you find health, wellbeing and renewed pleasure of living.

INCONTINENCE:  one specific program to treat at home this common disorder.


Channels: 2
Types of current: EMS, Incontinence, TENS
Special Features: Programmable
Watt Power: 100 mA p.p./channel
Impulse amplitude: 50 – 400 µs
Waveform: Square wave, biphasic, symmetrical and compensated
Power Source: Rechargeable batteries
Display: Backlit
Device\'s Class: II A Class
Compliance: Conforms to Directive 93/42 / EEC-2007/47 / EEC

Find all the programs in the brochure below.

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