Doppler ultrasound

Dopplers have been widely adopted as standard equipment for the assessment of peripheral vascular disease and the performance of a wide range of ultrasound examinations. Multi purposes dopplers are able to monitor fetal heart rate and display of waveforms, allow doctors to be more certain about the veins location and avoid valves or bifurcations, making them suitable for hospital, obstetrics and gynecological use.

There is a full range of dopplers in suitable clinics, hospitals, private doctors and general practice. They are available from worldwide famous manufacturers of medical devices such as Edan Instruments, Carefusion, Hadeco, Medical Econet and AccuVein.

Doppler Bidop ES-100 V3
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Portable pocket doppler BiDop ES-100 V3 with LCD display manufactured by Hadeco, suitable for monitoring fetal heart rate and display of waveforms.