Rescue Life defibrillator

Rescue Life defibrillator
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Manual and semiautomatic (AED) defibrillator with monitor.

The combined defibrillator monitor Rescue Life is designed to be used by out-ofhospital and hospital users. Having an innovative and fully featured design, it provides for defibrillation and monitoring in a single portable device.

Brilliant, high contrast, wide-angle TFT LCD colour display allows the simultaneous visualization of up to 3 ECG channels. Information such as heart rate, SpO2 value, alarms and operational functions are clearly visible on the display even in low visibility conditions. In AED or Advisory mode, text messages and voice prompts guide the operator during the CPR operations.

Users can choose between ergonomic reusable paddles, suitable for the manual defibrillation in both adult and paediatric patients or disposable pads for AED defibrillation.

Both types are equipped with a single fast lock connection for reliable rescue operations. The ECG can be detected via 3, 5 or 10 leads ECG cable and the optional SpO2 sensor is available for detecting blood oxygen saturation. Rescue Life can be equipped with internal reusable defibrillation paddles with interchangeable different sizes.

Rescue Life is impact proof, compact and lightweight. The dedicated comfortable and
washable carrying bag keeps all the accessories at hand and protects Rescue Life during the emergency procedures.

The case is built with washable materials and has a comfortable handle for safe transportation. The paddles have dedicated seat on the back of Rescue Life with a fast hook-unhook procedure. The IPX4 standard permits the operation under adverse climatic situations.
Rescue Life includes manual, AED and Advisory operation modes allowing the best use in different situations. It is designed to be used by doctors and trained individuals. The manual mode provides very easy three steps operation: energy selection from 1-230J, energy charge and shock.

In AED mode, the voice prompts and display messages are assisting the operator during CPR operations, charging automatically to 150J when a shock-able ECG rhythm is detected. In Advisory mode, the system alerts when the shock is necessary (using voice prompts and display messages) leaving the energy level and charging choice to the operator.
Simple commands, extremely intuitive and easy to use. Immediate access to main setup
parameters using only the trim knob and function keys. The internal memory is able to record more than 300 hours of ECG data and events.

The data are recallable and printable on the integrated thermal printer. Printing can be done in manual or in automatic mode. In the automatic mode the printing initiates when the energy charging starts (recording the ECG signal before the shock) and will continue 10 seconds after the shock was delivered. 
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