Defibrillator SAVER ONE D

Defibrillator SAVER ONE D
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A tough portable Defibrillator with voice and text prompts reliable for professional experts and/or paramedic rescuer

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Automated Defibrillator SAVER ONE D, first recommended for emergency experts then indicated for paramedics or trained rescuers too.

Greatly flexible with double modality: Manual or Semi-automatic, reliable for any scenery. In manual mode is a handy professional defibrillator licensed for ambulance, medical office or laboratory, pharmacy, cruise or army, moreover in automatic mode will act as an AED when necessary.It can be used even only as ECG Monitoring.

Saver One D has been developed with advanced technologies equipped with an intuitive and effective multi-language software practical for any situation, in and out health facilities.

Small and light, easy to be transported anywhere, is the ideal solution even for a mobile use, at opening air and very noise places. It combines clear voice instructions to comprehensible text readable on a very large (5.7”) LED backlight LCD display.

The defibrillator device is ready to deliver the first shock in few seconds and is able to provide one or more shocks to any patient, children as well as adults.

Saver One D has a medical ABS structure, shock resistant and crashworthy, with protection against dust and water.

Saver One D grants fast response whenever required thanks to a rechargeable battery which is able to provide numerous shocks.

27 cm
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