HEINE EN200 BP sphygmomanometer cuffs (10 pcs)

HEINE EN200 BP sphygmomanometer cuffs (10 pcs)
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Single patient sphygmomanometer cuffs for the HEINE EN200 BP with double tube and option to choose the correct size, in a package of 10 pieces.

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HEINE EN200 BP sphygmomanometer cuff with double tube and quick release connector, suitable for teenagers, adults and bigger adults (overweight). It is made of hypoallergenic latex-free material, dermatologically tested to prevent allergies.

HEINE EN200 BP blood pressure cuff is made of high-quality materials and has velcro tape. It has a special indication for precise installation depending on the circumference of the arm and a large diameter hose for easy introduction and expansion of air. They can be washed and cleaned with common detergents.

HEINE EN200 BP sphygmomanometer cuff is available in a package of 10 pieces so that each patient can use their own cuff in each examination (Single patient use), in order to ensure absolute hygiene.

Available sizes:

  • Medium (teenager): size 42x12cm for upper arm circumference 20.5-28cm
  • Large (adults): size 52x14cm for upper arm circumference 27-35cm
  • XLarge (overweight): size 66x17cm for upper arm circumference 34-43cm
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M-000.09.813, M-000.09.815, M-000.09.814