Omron BF511 Body Composition Monitor

Omron BF511 Body Composition Monitor
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Ideal portable device for measuring several body composition variables!

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The new OMRON BF 511 body composition monitor in a choice of colours, is an important next step in the build-up of the product line with a family model. Starting from six years onwards, the body fat rercentage, body fat percentage classification, skeletal muscle percentage, BMI and BMI classification and resting metabolism, can be identified. The Omron BF511 is a breakthrough for all health-oriented people who now can really take their measurement with the highest accuracy available. The Omron BF511 has been classified as a medical device.

The concept of body composition monitoring has been introduced by OMRON to make professional technology available to every user. The new design with four large foot-sensors results in an optimal measuring position. The weight measurement up to 150kg now guarantees optimal result. An accurate classification of the results for BMI, body fat, skeletal muscle and especially visceral fat immediately enables you to interpret your personal results.

With the classification of the new OMRON BF511 as a medical device it underlines clearly the reliability and accuracy in measurement, making it an excellent device for a wide range of users.

Omron BF511 Family Body Composition Monitor features (family model) which measures from 6 years onwards, accurate entire body measurement and holds the memory of the last measurement. The weight measurement is up to 150 kg.

8-sensor measurement technology using both hands and feet for an entire body measurement, accepts up to 4 personal profiles.

Measures visceral fat (the medical relevant fat surrounding the organs-18-80 years), skeletal muscles percentage classification (18-80 years), skeletal Muscle percentage (6-80 years), body Fat (6-80 years), resting Metabolism (6-80 years) and body Mass Index (BMI-6-80 years)

Its net Weight is about 2.2Kg and comes in two colors (blue or turquoise).

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