Maltron BF-907 Body analyser

Maltron BF-907 Body analyser
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The BF-907 Body Composition Analyzer allows you to estimate the daily and weekly energy intake (calorie) and expenditure.

The BF-907 Body Composition Analyzer allows you to estimate the daily and weekly energy intake (calorie) and expenditure. When planning Weight Management programs, not only is it important to measure Body Composition, but also energy expenditure. Maltron systems are the worlds first all-in-one, low cost Body Composition Analyzers for professionals measuring whole body and estimate energy expenditure.
Maltron BF-907 Body Composition Analyzer displays the following results; Body Fat %, Body Fat Weight, Target Body Fat (min/max), Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) (Kilo-Calories) (Resting), Body Impedance (Z), Target Weight (min/max), Lean Weight, Lean %, Water Litres, Water %, Target Water (min/max), Energy Expenditure (Daily/Weekly) data base.
Includes high impact plastic carrying case and Wellness and Analysis Software
Assessing body composition, assessment of overweight, obese patients and malnutrition. Body composition assessment in elderly and the eating disorders and effects of fasting. It tests the effectiveness of weight loss, medical research and monitoring diabetes patients.
Body composition assessments in sports & beauty, health & fitness centres and in sports.
The benefits to the professionals are that Maltron BF-907 Body analyser is an excellent research & medical tool. During the investigation there is no patient de-robing, no Patient contact and it is non intrusive. It is an excellent marketing & incentive tool. It improves in profitability. Attracts new and old clients alike and generates repeat business.
The benefits to the clients are monitoring excessively high or low levels of total body fat. Examines fat loss with out the risk of losing muscle, the effect of weight loss program. Gives dietary and exercise recommendations and peak performance by monitoring and controlling body fat. It checks body fat changes in body composition associated with ageing, malnutrition and certain diseases. Growth development and age related changes in children, adolescents and identifying those most at risk because ofunder or over fatness. Looks at "mysterious" weight gain or loss associated with periodic bloating or dehydration.
 Maltron BF-907 Body analyser uses bio-electrical impedance analyzer technique in  50Khz frequency. The resolution measures body fat in increments of 0.1%. Impedance Range 200-1000 Ohms and accuracy Resistance to within 1.00% +/- 4% across 350-1000%. In ambient temp. environment +10oc to 40oc. Relative humidity 30% to 75% non-condensing and atmospheric pressure700hPa to 1060hPa.  Current test is about 0.7mA, the power is 4 x 1.5AA batteries IEC No. LR6. Current battery is about 20mA (approx). It weights 350 Kgs (0.77Lbs) with batteries or 280 Kgs (0.62 Lbs) without batteries. Its dimensions are 228 x 70/117 x 47 mm. There are no serviceable parts other than replacement of battery.
Guarantee for 12 months in parts and labour (excluding disposables)hydration.
The contents are a BF-907 Analyzer, Maltron electrode cables, Maltron Electrodes, a battery, an operating manual and a high impact carrying case.
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