Multicare in glucose strips (50 pcs)

Multicare in glucose strips
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Glucose electrodes strips for Multicare in, available in pack of 50 pcs, for accurate glucose test measurements

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Multicare In Glucose strips with electrode for self-checking of the glycaemia, allow the diabetic patient to have immediate information about his / her glucose level. The self-checking must be performed only after accurate training with a physician or with a qualified technician.

It is important to point out that the self-checking cannot be performed without constant follow up by the physician (to make up a timetable, to evaluate the results and to define a therapy).

How to perform the glucose test with Multicare In glucose strips

1. Insert the data-chip. It is necessary to insert the data-chip contained in the strips box in order to automatically download all required information to perform the test.

2. Check the number. On the display will appear the data-chip number that should correspond to the one printed in the strip vial label.

3. Insert the strip. Insert the reagent strip of the parameter that you would perform. The instrument will automatically switch on.

4. Blood aspiration. After performing the finger prick let the blood be aspirated the drop of blood. The required volume is small.

5. Check the result. Check the result that appears on the display after short time. The wide characters will help the operator to execute the test and to clearly read the results.

6. Ejection of used strips. After performing the test it is possible to eject automatically the strip by pressing the switch on the backside of the instrument in order to avoid contamination.

Multicare In Glucose strips sample to be used: Fresh capillary whole blood

Minimum volume: 0.5 µl

Range of Measurement: 10-600 mg/dl (0,6-33,3 mmol/l)

Averange time for reading: 5 second Storage conditions: 5-30 °C

Table of results:

Glucose below 10 mg/dL (0,6 mmol/L) = LO*

Glucose between 10 mg/dL (0,6 mmol/L) and 600 mg/dL (33,3 mmol/L) = the numerical result

Glucose above 600 mg/dL (33,3 mmol/L) = HI**

*Repeat the test.

**Such results mean that the glucose concentration in the sample is very elevated and it indicates a serious risk.

CONTACT A PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY. Normal Values at fasting 70-110 mg/dL (3,9-6,1 mmol/L) Packaging: Boxes of 50

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