Multicare In 3-parameter meter

Multicare In 3-parameter meter
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Multicare In 3-parameter meter, for measuring cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood glucose, quick measurements simply by changing the strip.

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The Multicare In 3-parameter meter is manufactured in Italy by Biomedical Systems International. Blood sugar measurement, triglyceride measurement, and cholesterol measurement are all in one electronic meter.
The Multicare In meter features an amperometric blood glucose measurement system using a biosensor integrated into the glucose strips*. The triglyceride and cholesterol measurements use the conventional, reflectometric system with simple triglyceride and cholesterol strips. 
Measurements are made simply and quickly using the strips:
  • Blood glucose measurement with Multicare In blood glucose strips (electronic measurement*)
  • Cholesterol measurement with the Multicare In cholesterol strips
  • Triglyceride measurement with Multicare In triglyceride strips
The meter is designed for quick and easy measurements by simply changing the strip. It has an LCD display, a memory of 255 measurements, and weighs only 70 gr. In addition, special software for analysis of the measurements on a PC is provided (optional).
The Multicare In meter performs all 3 measurements with a blood sample from the fingertip. The glucose measurement requires a 25-500 mg/dl (1.4-28 mmol/l) blood sample. The cholesterol measurement needs a 130-400 mg/dl blood sample (3.3-10.2 mmol/l) and the triglyceride measurement needs a 50-500 mg/dl blood sample (0.56-5.6 mmol/l).
The package with the Multicare In 3 in 1 meter includes a set of 5 cholesterol diagnostic strips.
Measurements are made simply and quickly by using the appropriate strips.
The package includes:
  • the Multicare Inmeter
  • the Multicare In strips
  • painless piercing device
  • sterile lancets
  • solutions for Multicare In check
  • data management software Multicare In

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