Bathroom scales

Bathroom scales accurately measure your health and fitness through the possibilities they offer. Reliable and durable bathroom scales provide accurate measurements so you can track your progress and stay in control of your health goals.

Digital bathroom scales are the most popular choice for those looking for accuracy, convenience, and modern features. These scales are easy to use and display your weight on a digital screen. They are usually powered by batteries, which makes them portable and convenient. Many digital scales also include features such as automatic shut-off, memory capabilities, and user-friendly displays.

Analog bathroom scales are the traditional choice. These scales are easy to read and are usually more affordable than digital scales. They are also very accurate and can be calibrated to ensure consistent readings. However, analog scales lack the convenience of digital scales as they require manual zeroing and regular calibration.

The precision bathroom scales offer a Bluetooth connection function and the possibility of multiple user profiles. Also, with their modern design, they fit perfectly into any bathroom and are ideal for people who want to monitor their weight or measure body fat and muscle mass.

To ensure accuracy, it is important to use your bathroom scale regularly and maintain it properly. Check the batteries regularly and calibrate the scale if necessary.

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ADE M308800 floor scale
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In stock
Floor scale with extra large platform size and non-slip plastic cover. Durable and long-lasting steel construciont by Ade, 160Kg capacity and 500gr graduation.
Seca 762 bathroom scale
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Ships in 4 - 10 days
Seca 762 bathroom scale with housing made from steel and non-slip weighing surface. Capable of weighing up to 150 kg and graduation 500 g.
Seca Sauna 761 personal scale
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Ships in 4 - 10days
The compact, mechanical flat scale of seca with it's durability, functionality and size permit medically precise weighing results in even very limited spaces.