Bathroom scales

Contemporary bathroom scales from worldwide known manufacturers (SECA, beurer, Charder, AND, SOEHNLE).

All scales offered by our online store guaranteed for 2+ years and require no calibration! 

beurer GS235 glass scale
Ships in 4 - 10 days
beurer GS235 bathroom scale with a digital screen and a surface of safety glass with matte finish with maximum weight range 180 kg graded 100 g.
Seca 762 bathroom scale
Ships in 4 - 10 days
Seca 762 bathroom scale with housing made from steel and non-slip weighing surface. Capable of weighing up to 150 kg and graduation 500 g.
ADE M308800 floor scale
Ships in 1-3 days
Floor scale with extra large platform size and non-slip plastic cover. Durable and long-lasting steel construciont by Ade, 160Kg capacity and 500gr graduation.
Omron HN-286 personal scale
Upon order
The new digital personal scale HN286 is complementing OMRON's portfolio of weight scales. It comes with an automatic on/off technology and a maximum weight capacity