Beurer BG21 glass diagnostic scale

Beurer BG21 glass diagnostic scale
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Glass diagnostic scale by Beurer with body weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage and bone mass display. Also, BMI calculation and calorie display.

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Glass diagnostic scale by Beurer for Body weight, -fat, -water, muscle percentage, bone mass measuring, BMI calculation and AMR calorie display. With large 2-line LCD display;Digit size (weight display): 25 mm. 

Printing with "see-trough"-effect, interpretation of body fat in finest segmentation, electrodes of brushed stainless steel, 5 activity levels, 10 user memories, 180 kg capacity, overload indication, incl. batteries.

Measures body fat display in 0,1%, body water display in  0,1%, muscle mass display in  0,1%, bone mass in 100g and AMR/BMR calorie display. It also features interpretation, 10 user memory spaces, a graduation / load-bearing capacity up to 100g/180kg, size of digits up to 25 mm, 5 activity levels, in black/white color, eith switch-on technology and CE.
EAN/Item no.: 4211125/764.30/2
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