Seca 834 Class III baby scale

Seca 834 Class III baby scale
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Portable electronic baby/toddler scale with a detachable tray and a graduation of 20g.

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Two scales in one! Seca 834 is a baby scale with comfortable weighing tray that can easily be converted into flat scale for children with a capacity of 20 kg. The weighing tray and the base which serves as the flat scales are securely locked together thus ensuring that the baby can be weighed absolutely safely. However, at just the touch of a button, the tray can be detached from the base.

A further advantage of the scale is its breast-milk-intake function with which one can easily determine how much milk the baby has drunk when breast fed. The robust but lightweight scales is easy to transport; self-explanatory buttons make it easy to operate.

The scale seca 834 is ideal for pediatricians in private clinics or medical centers. The maximum weight is on the weighing 20 kg, the rating is 10 g to 10 kg, and 20 g for more than 10 kg. The dimensions of the yoke are 550 x 165 x 330 mm and weight to 2.5 kg. The functions of the seca 834 is the tare (TARE), the display freeze (HOLD) and BMIF.

Optional carry bag proposed seca 414 or seca 413 for transporting the scale.

30 cm
17 cm
60 cm
2.50 kg
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2,5 kg
330 mm
165 mm
550 mm