Seca 354 Digital baby scale

Seca 354 Digital baby scale
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High quality digital scale for children and infants up to 20kg with one-of-a-kind function for two uses.

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So that both babies and toddlers can be weighed, this scale has a distinctive feature. The weighing tray can be detached from the base quickly and easily at the touch of a button. There is no need to buy a second scale. Furthermore, special attention is paid to the comfort of the little ones.

The soft, round shape of the tray makes them feel safe and secure. The Breast-Milk-Intake-Function can accurately measure how much milk the child takes in while breastfeeding. The baby scale Seca 354 with two alternative ways of weighing is suitable for infants and children up to 20 kg. With one touch disc easily unsticks and quickly from the base thereby converted to soil balance.

The shape of the disc is round to give absolute sense of safety for infants. Also, infant scales have a feature breast-milk-intake so that it can determine the amount of milk consumed by the baby when breastfeeding!

Ideal model for medical practices, clinics & medical centers. The scale has a measuring range of up to 20kg and rating 10gr.

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