Smarty Saver automatic external defibrillator 200J

Smarty Saver automatic external defibrillator 200J
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Smarty saver automatic external defibrillator, with shock energy of 200J, for external use in adults and children, ideal for untrained people.

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Smarty Saver automatic external defibrillator designed for rapid treatment of sudden cardiac arrest with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) supports BTE waveform defibrillation with energy up to 200J in adults and up to 150J in children.

The Smarty Saver portable automatic external defibrillator is small and ideal for use in public places by medical and non-medical staff as it is automatic to facilitate its use. It allows one or more defibrillator shocks to be delivered to adults and children affected by ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia via a chest resistance-compensated, biphasic truncated exponential discharge (BTE).

The automatic external defibrillator offers defibrillation in just 3 steps: first, it checks the patient's electrocardiogram and if a pulse is detected, the user is informed by a voice instruction to remove it from the patient. Then, within 5 seconds, the shock automatically follows. In the case of a patient under the age of 8, it does not require electrodes and, switches from adult to pediatric mode with just the push of a paddle.

Moreover, the charging time of the Smarty Saver defibrillator from the moment of defibrillation alarm, according to IEC60601-2-4 standard, for 150J shock is 9' and for 200J shock is 12'. Also, the charging time from the moment of ECG analysis according to the IEC60601-2-4 standard is less than 13' for a 150J shock and less than 16sec for a 200J shock.

In addition, the AED is waterproof and dustproof ideal for harsh environments, with a tilting carrying handle that makes it easy to use.

The package also includes a LiMnO2 battery, a carrying bag, and electrode stickers suitable for adults and children.


Output Waveform Biphasic Truncated Exponential
Energy Output Sequence Adults: gradual 150, 200J
Juvenile: Fixed 50J
Resistance Range 20Ω – 200Ω
Load Time ≤ 13 sec with shock at 150J
≤ 16s with shock at 200J (New battery)
Analysis Time from 4 to 15 seconds
Handling Three Buttons – On/Off, Patient Selection (Adult/Child)
IP Protection Class IP 56: Protection against dust & water
Size 200x213x71 mm (with folded handle)
257x213x71 mm (with handle open)
Weight 1.6 Kg (with battery and pads)
Patches Dimensions Total surface 136cm2, active surface 94cm2,
cable length 120cm (out of the package)
Patch Lifetime 24-30 months, (or as indicated on the package)
Battery non-rechargeable battery, 8 cells Li-MnO212VDC-3000mAh
Battery autonomy Up to 200 full rescue cycles (200J shock + CPR). Up to 36 hours of continuous ECG analysis
Device Warranty non-rechargeable battery, 8 cells Li-MnO212VDC-3000mAh
Device Warranty 5 Years
Battery Warranty 3 Years

The package includes:

  • Smarty Saver defibrillator
  • LiMnO2 battery
  • Carrying Bag
  • Electrode pads suitable for adults and children
  • Instructions for use

Visual indications for the Smarty Saver automatic external defibrillator:

The device has 2 LEDs that can be red and green color, below is the color combination and which function it indicates:

  • Placing patches: 2 red LEDs
  • Do not touch the patient: 2 red LEDs
  • Touch the patient: 1 green LED
  • Adult patients: 1 green LED
  • Pediatric patients: 1 green LED
  • On/Off button: 2 green LEDs
  • Electric shock button: 8 red LEDs
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