Hydrosorb Comfort wound dressings

Hydrosorb Comfort wound dressings
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The transparent hydrocellular gel dressing for moist wound treatment by Paul Hartmann, sterile, individually sealed, available per piece.

Hydrosorb is a transparent, hydrocellular gel wound dressing which is 60% water. Hydrosorb comfort has around the edges a hypoallergenic adhesive film for a safe fixation which is impermeable to germs.
Hydrosorb is particularly suitable for keeping granulation tissue and young epithelium moist, so is ideal for continuing phase-specific treatment after initial therapy with TenderWet or Sorbalgon. 
It is also used for:
- leg ulcers
- pressure ulcers
- superficial or partial thinkness burns
- for pain management in arterial leg ulcers 
The soft elastic properties of Hydrosorbprovide a cushioning effect for wound protection. It has a soothing and cooling effect on superficial burns and minor skin irratations. 
Hydrosorb does not adhere to the wound and can be removed without pain or disturbing the wound bed. For nil to low exudating wounds, Hydrosorb can be left on the wound for up to 7 days, making it a very cost effective wound dressing. Contraindications: - Wounds with moderate to high exudate - Infected wounds
For moist wound treatment, especially for the treatment of clinically non-infected wounds during granulation and epithelization stage, in leg ulcers or decubitus, for the treatment of burns up to degree 2a; to promote re-epithelization of split-skin graft donor sites after bleeding has stopped; thanks to the detachable foil where you can write on, the wound size can excellently be documented.

Sterile, individually sealed (Inner Dimensions : 4 x 6,8 cm)
0.30 kg
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10 cm
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Wound Closure
7.5 cm
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