Hydrofilm I.V. adhesive film dressings

Hydrofilm I.V. adhesive film dressings
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Hydrofilm I.V. Control high MVTR film dressing for strong, safe and effective I.V. cannula retention.

Hydrofilm I.V. control is a self adhesive transparent dressing for securing IV cannula, with extra strong fixation. The combination of polyurethane film and non-woven materials allows for reliable protection of the puncture site from water, dirt, bacteria, virus and fungus. 

A two step application process enables easy handling, with the non woven material adding support. The polyurethane film of Hydrofilm  I.V. control is coated with a polyacrylate adhesive which exhibits high adhesion force to support long wear times. 

The non-woven material is coated with a synthetic rubber and is completely laminated with the PU film. The surface has a low friction coefficient combined with rounded corners, minimising the risk of the dressing unrolling and further guaranteeing long wear times, which ultimately reduces the number of dressing changes.
Hydrofilm I.V. control is a self adhesive transparent dressing for securing all types of IV cannula. It offers strong and safe fixation at the puncture site for up to 7 days.

Strong I.V. cannula fixation
  • Polyacrylate adhesive provides a strong adhesion force which supports long wear times
  • Low friction surface and rounded edges minimise the risk of unrolling
Optimal visual control of the I.V. puncture site
  • PU Film provides protection from water, dirt and bacteria
  • Transparent window with low reflection (matt finish)
  • High MVTR for breathability
  • Non woven may absorb small amounts of fluid
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