DermaPlast Hydro wound plasters

DermaPlast Hydro wound plasters
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Hydrogel and hydrocolloid plasters for a moist environment; absorb wound exudate and bacteria; waterproof, breathable and skin-friendly.

For moist wound care; hydrogel plasters are particularly suitable for the treatment of smaller superficial burns and scalds whereas hydrocolloid plasters are used for the treatment of abrasions as well as for the prevention and treatment of blisters and corns.

The treatment is more effective, when hydrocolloid plasters are left in place until they detach themselves.

Hartmann DermaPlast Hydro Blister Plasters
Hydrocolloid plasters which transform into a gel upon absorption of leaking blister fluid, provides pressure and pain relief, the bevelled hydrocolloid edges help to keep the dressing securely in place; available in two different presentations for small and large blisters.
Small wound dressings - plasters for toes (2 dimensions in one pack of 7 pcs : 7 x 2,2 cm - 4pcs, 6 x 1,8 cm - 3pcs, Hartmann 536038)
Large wound dressings - plasters heel and sole. (536018)
Hartmann DermaPlast HydroCut-to-size Hydrocolloid Plaster
Hydrocolloid plaster that takes up blister secreting blister fluid and transforms into a cushioning gel layer upon absorption, has a pressure-relieving and pain-reducing effect, the hydrocolloid plaster measures 6.5 x 9 cm and can be trimmed to size and shape using the scissors that are supplied with, available in a practical, handy plastic case with scissors enclosed.
Hartmann DermaPlast Hydro Cold sore patch
A hydrocolloid plaster, which perfectly moulds to the lips due to its ergonomic shape, helps to relieve taut skin pain and itching, helps to prevent crusting and reduces the risk of contamination, in a handy plastic box supplied with mirror and tweezers.
Hartmann DermaPlast Hydro Corn Plasters
Hydrocolloid plasters which macerate the horny skin and thus facilitate the removal of corns, provide pressure and pain relief.
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