Wallmounted stadiometers

Wallmounted stadiometers are ideal for measuring height in a variety of settings, from medical offices to gyms and schools. With easy-to-use digital displays and adjustable height bars, wall-mounted stadiometers are a reliable and convenient solution for measuring height.

The two main types of wall-mounted stadiometers are digital display and mechanical scale. Wallmounted stadiometers with a mechanical scale require more work from the user as they have to set the scale manually compared to digital ones that display the measurement at the push of a button.

In medi-shop.gr, you can find a wide variety of wall-mounted stadiometers ideal for use in medical offices, hospitals, schools, and gyms.

Seca 210
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In stock
Portable height meter mat for babies Seca 210 for accurate height measurement, that is easily washed and folded while being skin friendly.
Seca 222 measuring rod
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Ships in 4 - 10 days
Seca 222 mechanical measuring rod that work exactly to the millimeter, with large measuring range, ideal for height measurements in children and adults.
Seca 216 stadiometer
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Seca 216 stadiometer which has an intelligent combination of accuracy and convenience for measuring up to 230 cm. Suitable for measuring children and adults.